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Battle for Gondor Battle for Gondor

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Really nice

I gave 7 to graphics : Because it was not AWESOME but not cheap too.

I gave 9 to style : Cause the idea was really nice, the concept and everything, i played the 20 level, and you need to think wich unit to sue first etc

I gave 6 to sounds : Because they were not really awesome =-0/

I gave 4 to violences : Nothing was bloody, wich is not bad,

I gave 10 to interactivity : because it simply addictive, i said, i won t stop play until i passed it

I gave 1 to humor to graphics : cause hum, yea, the sound that guys do when they dies are quite funny =-/

I gave 8 to overalls : for a great free game that are nicely thinked, too short too, an online version would be cool, playing with orcs would be fun too. Great work

Lunatic Lunatic

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Nicely tought

5 in graphics : Because it isnt the best graphics i've seen. but i am not saying it sucks

10 in style : That game is really original, i liked it a lot, that was a great idea

10 in sounds : the music fit really nice with the game, good game with that, i liked it

0 in violence : There is no violence =-/

8 in interactivity : Hey, that game hooked me, i played for like 1 hour then i was , K, enough

0 in humour : Nothing funny =-/

Overall 7 : Nice game, i liked the concept, the ideas, the colors when you pass 1k points, i personaly did 1.2k poinst, i'll try to pass the 2ks